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AR Concierge M.D. offers consultations with a medical doctor at the site of the patient's choosing, whether it be their home or any public location within reasonable safety.


AR Concierge M.D. is based out of Northwest Arkansas, and also services Fort Smith, Hot Springs, Little Rock, and near surrounding areas.

If you have record a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana card in the state of Arkansas, you can click the button below, fill out the appointment request form, and receive a call within one business day to schedule a consultation for a recommendation for a medical marijuana card.

The $140 will be payable at the time of the consultation. 

These visits usually last about 15 minutes, but we schedule 30 minutes for your convenience, and in case you have questions for Dr. Whitelocke. 

If you believe you have a qualifying condition, but do not have documentation of your condition, you can become a patient with AR Concierge MD, and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Whitelocke. 

If your condition is confirmed, you can then proceed to the medical marijuana card certification consultation for $140.

You may schedule these two visits together for a total of $240.

Click the button below to fill out the patient information form and receive a phone call within one business day to schedule an appointment at the location of your choosing.

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Legal Disclaimer

The purpose of this page is to provide information only. By no means is this site intended to diagnose or treat any illness. As with all medications and treatments, there are risks and benefits. The use of medical marijuana is no exception. Please take your personal medical history into consideration before making a shared decision in consultation with a medical doctor. Users of medical marijuana assume all of the personal medical and legal liability in the use of this product. The service that is provided by Concierge Clinics or Arkansas is to assist in certifying patients for responsible medical marijuana use. Concierge Clinics of Arkansas does not distribute any THC or CBD containing products, nor do we have any affiliation with any dispensaries of marijuana/cannabis products.