About AR Concierge M.D.

About AR Concierge M.D.

AR Concierge MD is the brainchild of endless cups of coffee (I’m not advising excess caffeine intake, but it’s the truth). Nonetheless, this website is my gift to you. I have done all of the research so you don’t have to. I update this page regularly with the latest cutting edge information on cannabinoid physiology, so feel free to visit often.

There are a lot of myths regarding the safety of medical marijuana and I aim to clarify what the scientific literature has to say.

Marijuana can be used safely and responsibly. By the same token, it can also be misused. Please review the side effects and adverse reactions to make an informed decision as to whether medical marijuana is right for you.

About Me

My name is Dr. Daniel Whitelocke. I truly enjoy every facet of preventive medicine and learning how to overcome patient challenges in implementing a balanced approach to prolong life. My goal in my own daily regimen is to to find balance in my downtime when not working with patients. For me, that means spending time with my beautiful wife Janelle and daughter Ava. Our family picture wouldn't be complete without mention of our two dogs Bronco and Leo, whom we enjoy taking on long walks to the dog park.

We've decided to make a healthy lifestyle a family affair and we find balance by doing these things together. Lifting weights, yoga, running, soccer and golf are among our favorite active pursuits, along with lots of experimentation in the kitchen. Family mealtime is probably my favorite activity because it's when we all get together and create and enjoy a healthy and delicious experience every day that will net us years of quality life. 

When I find time by myself I enjoy listening to music and learning about rock and roll history and culture. This part of me is deeply ingrained in who I am, and I spend a fair bit of energy playing the guitar at home. Traveling is also high on my list of priorities and I'm looking to mark off many more places on my bucket list before my credits roll.

What Sets Us Above the Rest

AR Concierge M.D. is the only service of it's kind in Arkansas, offering housecall medical marijuana certification straight to your doorstep.​

  • We are the most cost-effective Cannabis Certification in the Entire State of Arkansas at $140.

  • No waiting room, You don't even have to leave your home

The service we provide is second to none. We provide the most comprehensive, patient friendly service of MD required medical marijuana certification in Arkansas. We specialize in fast, professional medical care that focuses on the patient. 


Because we operate an MD certified medical cannabis mobile clinic, we are able to deliver the most convenient and cost-effective solution to getting you certified for medical marijuana quickly and at your convenience.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible guidance regarding the safe, responsible use of medical marijuana.

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Legal Disclaimer

The purpose of this page is to provide information only. By no means is this site intended to diagnose or treat any illness. As with all medications and treatments, there are risks and benefits. The use of medical marijuana is no exception. Please take your personal medical history into consideration before making a shared decision in consultation with a medical doctor. Users of medical marijuana assume all of the personal medical and legal liability in the use of this product. The service that is provided by Concierge Clinics or Arkansas is to assist in certifying patients for responsible medical marijuana use. Concierge Clinics of Arkansas does not distribute any THC or CBD containing products, nor do we have any affiliation with any dispensaries of marijuana/cannabis products.